Wakasa High School

About our School

School Profile

Wakasa Senior High School is about 120 years old, and has an outstanding tradition of educational excellence in the Wakasa area.

Over 1000 students attend classes here, and enjoy a school life that combines commitment to academic pursuits and appreciation of the natural environment.

The school is situated in Obama, nestled between the mountains of Fukui prefecture and the Japan Sea. The area is known for its beautiful beaches, and many visitors are attracted to Wakasa Bay every year to sample its relaxed lifestyle and delicious local cuisine.

Obama is easily accessed by rail, and many students commute from neighboring towns to attend classes at Wakasa High School.

School Motto

Wakasa Senior High School’s aim is to produce students who can make a positive contribution to society, who are cultured, knowledgeable, and compassionate toward others.

Since the postwar reestablishment of our school in 1949, we have upheld this aim through our homeroom system, in which students from various classes, regardless of grade or course, shared a “homeroom” for school events. Although this homeroom system changed into a standard classroom system in 1994, Wakasa Senior High School continues to strive to attain this goal.

Our motto has three elements.
 1. Internationalization
 2. Volunteer spirit
 3. Cooperation between all students, regardless of course or grade

School Emblem & School Song

In 1949, this emblem was chosen by the staff and students for Wakasa Senior High School.

The general shape of the top of the emblem, including the arch, represents the “W” in “Wakasa.” The four separate parts of the emblem come together to form one single unit, symbolizing the union of two schools and many courses to form Wakasa Senior High School in 1949. They also represent cooperation and the development of friendship and strong ties. Lastly, the Chinese character is read “kou”, and means “high school.”

Listen to the School Song

School Course

General Course

Students in this course primarily study the five main subjects of Japanese, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, and English. This course is intended to create well-rounded students and prepare them for college.

Academic Course

This course aims to develop the critical thinking skills of students who wish to engage more deeply in both science and humanities through research and experimentation. In their second year, students choose a science or international concentration and study in a more intimate environment.

Marine Science Course

Students in this course gain an understanding of environmental and food issues through specialized study about the sea and marine science. In their second year, students divide into the marine research course, marine technology course, and marine resources course, to provide more focused study for their future career choices.