Environment and Energy Conference in Obama
Pre-Conference Forums

Prior to the day of the Environment and Energy Conference, the student planning committee held several pre-conference forums. Starting with the second session, lecturers were invited to deepen the discussion and help prepare the students for the conference.

The First Forum
Date: May 22nd (Fri), 2015 Students reviewed basic knowledge about nuclear and natural energy that was covered in their first year research papers in preparation for the conference, and learned academic discussion techniques in preparation for the second forum.

The Second Forum
Date: June 4th (Thu), 2015, 5th and 6th periods in the A/V room Lecturer: Tokyo Institute of Technology Department of Nuclear Engineering Research Laboratory for Nuclear Reactors Associate Professor Mr. Tetsuo Sawada Students listened to a lecture on the basics of nuclear energy in preparation for the Environment and Energy Conference and had a group discussion on the topic of, “Is nuclear energy production necessary for the Wakasa area?”


The Third Forum
Date: July 3rd (Fri), 2015 5th and 6th periods in the gymnasium Lecturer: Ms. Rie Yamada Fulbright Visiting Scholar Associate Program on U.S.-Japan Relations Weatherhead Center for International Affairs Harvard University Mr. Ryota Ozawa Former Tufts University Graduate Student Ms. Yamada lectured on nuclear reactors and the state of nuclear energy overseas, while Mr. Ozawa lectured on the status of nuclear energy from an economic perspective in preparation for the Environment and Energy Conference. Afterwards, a workshop was held in a similar format to the conference, in which groups developed and presented plans for an ideal energy situation 20 years in the future, which were critiqued by the lecturers.