Environment and Energy Conference in Obama
Verbal Presentation

Research Topic: Underwater Spring Water and Vibrant Ocean How do the underwater springs unique to Obama Bay affect the seafloor flora? Students presented their findings from their fieldwork and the experimental apparatus that they constructed. They received numerous questions from the floor.


Poster Presentation
The culmination of the third year science course students’ year-and-a-half long research project. Students presented their findings concerning the influence of the position of the central support pillar on vibration damping, in relation to Obama City’s anti-earthquake measures for its historic buildings. They demonstrated the presentation skills they learned through the SSH presentation and school-wide presentation events. They were able to respond to questions and engage in active discussion with researchers.

The marine science course presented research focused on the underwater world. They focused on a fish called the Fourspine Sculpin, which they are trying to increase public awareness of. Students scientifically analyzed its suitability as an ingredient for dashi. Thanks to their participation in numerous conferences, they were able to give precise and insightful explanations.

First year students presented their findings on the state of nuclear power that they had researched. Though they were nervous, they were able to give a confident presentation. They presented the perspective of areas with nuclear power plants to other high school students of the Kansai area. Participating students from other prefectures also had a high level of interest in nuclear power, leading to lively discussion.