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寒ぶな缶 販売のお知らせ

寒ぶな缶 販売のお知らせ






Q どんな味なの?


Q 何種類の試作を考えたの?


Q ラベルは誰が考えたの?


Q 寒ぶな缶はどこで売っているの?

若狭町鳥浜漁協、年稿博物館併設「Cafe縞」、Switch Switchさまです。

Q 値段はいくらですか?


Q イベントでの販売はあるのですか?


Canned crucian carp for sale.

Three students from the marine science department spent a year in a project research class, working with local people to commercialise the first “canned cold crucian carp” in Japan.

【Background and purpose】

The town of Wakasa is home to the Ramsar Convention-listed Mikata Goko (Five Lakes of Mikata), which is a scenic beauty spot, and the Tataki Net Fishery, which has been recognised as a Japanese Agricultural Heritage Site. Tataki-net fishing, a winter tradition in Mikata Lakes, is a fishing method in which crucian carp and carp are driven into nets set by tapping them on the surface of the water with bamboo poles. The fishing season runs from 1 December to 31 March, when six fishermen manually catch crucian carp and carp one by one in the lake, which is so cold that the lake surface freezes over.

However, because the fishing season is short and the fish are only eaten as sashimi or boiled by (some) local people, we decided to develop a product that can be stored for a long time (three years) and can be eaten by anyone.


Q What does it taste like?

We created this product based on the sugar soy sauce flavour that local fishermen are used to eating.
We made it a little sweeter by having the fishermen eat the boiled fish. It is a taste that both children and adults can enjoy.

Q How many different prototypes did you come up with?

43 varieties! (13 varieties of carp and 30 varieties of crucian carp). 8 tasting sessions were held.

Q Who came up with the labels?

Three students proposed 12 different labels, which were decided after repeated consultations with local people.

Q Where are the canned cold crucian carp sold?

The Wakasa Town Torihama Fisheries Cooperative, Cafe Zima with the Nenkou Museum, Mikata Roadside Station and Switch Switch.

Q How much does it cost?

1,000 yen per can (including tax).

Q Will it be sold at events?

We will be selling them in the Obama Shopping Centre on Thursday 16 June.
Sales will start at 4.30pm.


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